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Good communication and relationships built on trust are very important to SandCastle Developers. Ensuring a project's success is our number one priority. We take the time to explain how the process works and the time it takes to accomplish our goal. No one is kept in the dark.

We will provide every sustainable material resources from everything that goes in the house to the sustainable construction materials.

We are also retailer for all sustainable composite materials like 'Pilings'. Materials that can withstand high winds. Look below for a look at the composite materials.

We build all homes with green in mind, using Sustainable Fiberglass Composite Pilings (if you want to raise your home off the ground) and Energy Efficient materials.

By building green we incorporate energy efficient details and specifications to meet rigorous guidelines set by the EPA's Energy Star features and construction practices. This will result in a home that is 20 to 30 percent more energy efficient than a standard home.

Please, contact SandCastle Developers at (973) 464-5506 or Email Us or You can also use the Contact Form for pricing information.

SandCastle Developers employs the following procedures to ensure optimal results - see below:

First, in our face-on-face meetings with you, we will lay our construction process from a plan based on your needs. By clarifying all responsibilities of all individuals involved, and address all questions and/or concerns. We will make sure that everything is documented for follow-up later.

We will spend time with you to discuss schedule changes, answer any questions, and coordinate your selections such as colors, placement and materials.

All changes made to your specifications are documented and we will notify other professionals and officials involved in or affected by these alterations.

Our project manager will oversee all site work and serves as the main conduit between you and SandCastle Developers. The project manager will always be available to you should you have questions or concerns.

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Composite Pilings

Sustainable Composite Piles will better withstand the forces of Mother Nature. And by being a friction piling, they present a higher resistance to lifting during storm surges. Because they are lighter than wood, steal or concrete pilings, installation is easier and can be done with a variety of pile driving methods and equipment.

While impervious to rot, rust and wood boring insects, the piling contain no harmful coatings or preservatives, which can leach into the soil.

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