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Learning Javascript

JavaScript (JS) is the programming language of the web.  It is a simple, but difficult programming language to master. It is a powerful and eloquent programming language.

It was weird in the beginning for me when I was learning it.   After learning the 'core' and learning my favorite pattern 'Revealing Module Pattern'.  I thought I new JS, but found that I was only scratching the surface.  I didn't know what was under the hood, why it acts differently than most languages.  Especially, hearing about 'JIT' (Just-In-time) and 'V8' engines.  This is the nucleus of the browser.

I had a hard time because I would do a certain thing and the results would be different.  I would scratch my head, I would bang on the desk.  I would curse the day I decided to work with it.

Once, I have calmn down and made what I was working work (finally).  I decided to really learn it.   To really find out how JS works.  So I began my quest to find out more.   Then, I found Anthony Alicea and Douglas Crockford and all of their video tutorials.  Anthony enjoyed my comment.

Learning from these two guys was an eye opener.  I am glad I took the time to learn what is underneath the hood.   Thanx guys!

Anthony is a Software Developer and he is an Architect and UX designer.  Douglas Crockford is a "Javascript Engineer" and "Writer".  He travels all over the world promoting and teaching developers about this crazy language.  Out of all the people and sitting down to countless seminars, plus watching countless video tutorials and reading several books - I learned more from these two guys than all the others resources combined.

Now, that I understand how it works - I really love JS.  All you have to do is stick with the good parts.