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Are conducted to bring together all women so that they are empowered.  We want to help women unlock the power of their inner Boss Lady self and through seminars, networking events they can get the help to succeed as a professional and entreprenuers women.  They will learn, grow, and channel the power of the Boss Lady.

Upcoming Events


We will be hearing the apartmentjeanie discuss best practices to help maintain physical, mental and digital organization to eliminate workplace distractions and streamline productivity. Regardless of your work environment, this workshop is sure to have many hacks to make life easier.

As a bonus, since being a Boss isn’t just a job description— it’s part attitude and presentation, we will also have guest speaker Ricardo James Louison giving the rundown on how to look like the boss you already are! As always, there will be time for networking and refreshments are included.  For more details and to reserve your spot, please click on the link below.

For more details and to reserve your spot, please click on the link below.

809 Sangria Bar & Grill

112 Dyckman St., New York, NY 10040

February 15th, 2018


Last Events

The Boss Lady Launch Party was a huge success.  We had the opportunity to hear from Minue Yoshida from Yoshida Consulting about what it means to be a Boss.  Through our statements of purpose, we are each owning our inner Boss Lady power and vowing to be confident in our ability to succeed.