Who has worked in Ottawa Valley region for the past 25 years.

Art and Society

Art is what keeps societies connected to express themselves and it frees the soul to be expressive not just in art but in life.  It can be the path to emotional freedom.   It can give you a voice to change the course of your life or society.

Art is the heartbeat of life and it keeps bringing us back from that which is less important. It exists in every area of life: science, writing, painting, gardening, architecture, decorating and cooking.   The importance of Art to human civilization is how we judge cultures and influence on the culture itself.

Here you will find some of my favorite artwork done in various mediums, acrylic, collage, gold/silver foil.   It has taken years to perfect my style and I have enjoyed my journey to self-awareness.

Reach Jelly Massee at jellymassee@gmail.com or visit me at www.facebook.com/jellymasseesgallery  

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